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Do you want to increase your strength, stamina and muscle mass? Then Power Muscle is for you! It focuses on complex and isolating lifting techniques and emphasises the importance of following the correct form, so you increase your muscle and strength more efficiently.

You'll be working in small teams, (max. 6 members) all dedicated to building and strengthening their bodies. What makes our team sessions different is you'll be following your own individualised programme throughout. Your programme will be specific to you and your requirements.

The added training bonus: During your sessions you have the option to track your calories, heart rate and level of exertion through our MyZone system. This will help you track your progress and results.


START YOUR 6 week POwer Muscle Transformation Trial NOW FOR ONLY £180


Session Structure:

We kickstart each session with a whole body warm up, followed by specific exercises designed to prepare it for the specific demands of the session. The warm-up is a crucial part of the workout, to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

For the Power Muscle Method the sessions focus on weighted and intense lifting. The exercises are designed to pinpoint a desired muscle group in each session. The session will finish with an all-over body flexibility cool down.

The additional HIIT (H.igh I.ntensity I.nterval T.raining) Sessions:

As part of the Power Muscle Method you will also have the option to join our 30 min High-Intensity Interval Training sessions. These HIIT sessions were put in place to perfectly complement the conditioning sessions and have one sole purpose: maximum fat burn!


What Our Clients Say...


Program Overview:

At White Method Fitness we work in 6-week blocks. These are ideal for clients who want to see noticeable results within a short-time frame while working towards achieving their ultimate longer-term goals.

No session is ever the same - although we have key exercises that appear in every session - these exercises act as a way of showing your level of improvement whether it's your lifting technique or increasing your strength.

The program has built-in testing weeks to measure lifting and endurance improvements. Body metric tests (skin-fold and circumference measurements) will also be taken, keeping a close eye on how quickly your body is changing.


START YOUR 6 week POwer Muscle Transformation Trial NOW FOR ONLY £180


Frequently Asked Questions


What Happens After I Sign Up?

Once payment is received please schedule your one to one consultation with me at the gym. From there we will book you in for your sessions and get everything set up.

What Happens After The 6 Week Trial?

It’s up to you. If you’ve enjoyed your training and would like to continue then you can join as a White Method Member and keep going. Our membership packages range from £180 -£290. I can help you determine the best approach for you and your goals. If you decide that it’s not for you, no problem, there is no contract or obligation to continue.

How Flexible Are The Training Times?

I run sessions from 6.30am -1.30pm & 4.30pm-9pm Monday to Friday. At weekends my sessions run from 8am to 1pm. During our one to one consultation we can discuss which session times will work best for you.

What If I Haven't Worked Out In A While or Have Never Been To A Gym Before?

Don’t worry. I work with plenty of new clients who don’t regularly work out and need to start from the beginning. I will work with you to build up your fitness, strength and stamina.

Is There A Set Start Date?

No, this trial will begin after your one to one consultation with me.

Are The Sessions One To One?

No, these are small team training sessions. I match clients to the sessions which will work best for them. This format allows you to receive support and motivation from the other members while still having the attention and expert guidance from the trainer. It also allows me to keep my sessions affordable and flexible.

I currently follow an intensive training schedule. Will this programme be too easy for me?

It’s unlikely. I work clients who are in incredible shape and train everyday. All the sessions are tailored to your specific needs. This means that no matter your fitness level, your programme will be tailored for you.

What If I Change My Mind?

I’ve never had someone request a refund yet but I want you to feel confident in investing in yourself therefore, if after 7 days of the trial you decide it is not for you, then you can have a full refund. This way you can take part in two conditioning sessions and a HIIT session with no risk. I only want to work with people who want to be there.



When you join White Method Fitness you will be surrounded with like-minded people, who like you are taking action and making a commitment to their health.

For many people gyms can be intimidating places, full of strangers. White Method Fitness is a small private 'members only' fitness studio equipped with some of the best equipment around.

As the owner of White Method Fitness I work hard to ensure that my members feel welcome and supported. I am committed to cultivating an environment where you can come and enjoy working out.

Think the Power Muscle Method could be right for you? If so, I would love to invite you to come and meet with me, check out the studio and see if I can help. To get started sign up for your Six Week Transformation Trial by clicking the button below.


START YOUR 6 week Power Muscle Transformation Trial NOW FOR ONLY £180